Interconnect your sites with a high quality network

The M'DATA MPLS service ensures the interconnection between your different sites with a very wide range of solutions adapted to your needs.

We use facilities and backbones developed by CISCO certified engineers.

We are therefore able to implement complex network architectures: Point-to-Point, Hub & Spoke, Full-meshed network.

M'DATA is the best option for the security of your data: sensitive financial data, confidential information, application software, backup of critical data, VoIP Traffic, etc.


  • Security: Your data travels through our MPLS network, that is, separated from the Internet network
  • Bandwidth: All the bandwidth you contract is only available for you and shared with nobody.
  • Best price: This solution is the most economical compared to private connection solutions.
  • Flexibility: We provide any type of network architecture: Point-to-Point, Hub & Spoke, Full-Meshed Network.
  • Symmetry: Unlike other Internet VPN solutions (like IPSec), we ensure the transmission of your data with the same reliability and speed (Uplink & Downlink).
  • CPE equipment: Don't worry about the router. We will manage it for you.
  • Monitoring service: Our Network Operations Center will always be available to provide you with the necessary support.
  • Customer Portal: You are can check at any time and see online the status of your service.
  • Customer service: Available 24 hours over the 7 days.


We guarantee you a quality service in the strict respect of our standards:

  • Availability of the Service: 99,5%
  • Latency on the network: less than 45 ms
  • Loss rate of data packets: less than 0.1%
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